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As a Linc contractor, Silverado Mechanical Services is set apart from others in the marketplasales to operations to administration. Our partnership with Linc allows Silverado Mechanice by utilizing standard operating processes and procedures in all aspects of the business from cal to offer added value to our clients as we make use of a wealth of research and training. This helps ensure our employees are up-to-date on issues pertinent to the industry such as safety procedures and environmental regulations along with the latest in equipment, technology, and energy trends. We also utilize a variety of Linc tools – the most visible of which is our service management system that provides paperless service tickets accessible online with the click of a mouse.

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Silverado Mechanical & LINC Service Network

Silverado Mechanical has been a Linc Service Contractor since 2016. Linc is the franchisor that has over 140 independent contractors in its network. The transition from being a standard mechanical contractor to a service organization required a drastic revamp of the company, and therefore Silverado Mechanical purchased the Franchise Rights to the Greater Baltimore Region.

Benefits to our commercial, industrial, and institutional clients:

  • Continuous Training enables our technicians to satisfy your concerns quickly. 
  • National Contracts provides consistent service delivery, even when your business grows beyond state lines. 
  • Purchasing Power allows Silverado Mechanical to purchase hard-to-find parts quickly and at the lowest prices, passing the savings on to your business. 
  • Best Practices among the other Linc Contractors enables Silverado Mechanical to bring the most current benefits to our customers, saving them money. 
  • Regulatory Compliance ensures a legal and safe environment for both our customers and Silverado Mechanical, which provides peace of mind. 
  • Technical Support with new or rare systems enables us to remedy problems quickly for our customers and means less downtime. 
  • Precise Tasking for various type of equipment enables us to properly task each piece of equipment, taking the guess work out of properly maintaining your systems and reducing HVAC failures

Servant Leadership

At Silverado Mechanical, SERVING is a key foundational principle which lies at the core of everything we do and every decision we make. We focus on serving our stakeholders: team members, clients’ and the community alike. It is our goal to make sure the highest priority needs are being served and do only do those things which are in the best interests of others.


We believe mutual success is based on trust and honesty. We believe in doing the right thing in a reliable way. That’s why we honor our word with customers, suppliers, partners, and fellow team members. We constantly strive to uphold our reputation of treating people fairly, honestly, ethically, and with dignity.


At Silverado Mechanical Services, attention to detail is not only a crucial element to keeping our team safe, but is also key to maintaining our superior caliber of work. Silverado Me Services consistently leverages our focus on detail to protect our most valuable asset – our people– and your most valuable assets – your property and people. It is our guarantee that safety will never be compromised by schedule or cost.

Technical Competence/Expertise

The hallmark of Silverado Mechanical Services’ strategies, designs, and workmanship is unparalleled quality. Our staff works in a collaborative team environment to foster their skills, talents, and insights for your benefit. We require all of our employees to supplement their years of expertise with essential certifications and our team constantly pursues new technologies and improved methods. The result is more efficient and effective solutions for you.

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Caring Client Relationships

Silverado Mechanical Services believes that genuine concern and empathy help create a vibrant work environment and nurture lasting customer relationships. Sincere concern for the well being of others motivates us to do the right thing and go the extra mile for you. We focus on creating strong relationships that foster teamwork and drive us to build value for our customers.

Quality/Continuous Improvement

At Silverado Mechanical Services, we share a common passion for continuously finding more productive and successful ways to provide solutions to our customers and to improve the way we operate internally. Constant improvement is a tightly integrated component for our daily operations.

Silverado Mechanical Services Supports

Customer Service

Our honest, completely transparent process begins with us truly listening to the client. From there, we partner with them to find their ideal solutions.

As an independent company, we can work with a variety of vendors to ensure we offer our clients the most appropriate, cost-effective fit for their needs. Our capabilities are magnified by our technicians’ wide range of knowledge, which allow us to respond quickly and effectively to critical needs. We also serve as our clients’ connection to the HVAC industry through our relationships with Linc and other industry partners.

Safety Mission Statement

Silverado Mechanical is dedicated to protecting the safety and health of its employees. We have established a safety and health program to prevent injuries and illnesses due to hazards in industrial HVAC service environments. Employee involvement at all levels of the company is critical for us to be successful in this effort and to create an effective safety culture.

Our goal is to promote a pro-active environment that will effectively identify and manage risk through recognition, evaluation, and education. We strive to remain in compliance with federal, state, and local safety and health regulations as well the latest professional practices to ensure every worker goes home safely.

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