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Silverado Mechanical has more than 20 years of sustained experience designing, building, fabricating, installing and maintaining state-of-the-art commercial and industrial HVAC systems. 

Our team works closely with our designers and engineers to integrate a system that suits your specific HVAC requirements, utilizing the most up-to-date technologies and system components. 

When the installation of your project is complete, our crew of service professionals can repair and maintain your system providing a comprehensive approach to investigating and evaluating building comfort, equipment reliability, and optimization.

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LINC Maintenance Solutions

LINC Service® is a unique concept of preventative maintenance designed to add value to your bottom line. You will find comfort and peace of mind in knowing that your system is in the care of certified experts, 24 hours a day, for a guaranteed fixed price. Our customized professional maintenance programs cover the service of your whole system, for its life cycle and beyond.

LINC Service® gives us the opportunity to shine in our area of expertise, extending your system’s life, ensuring its reliability, and letting you focus on your business. Silverado Mechanical Services will collaborate with you to design a proactive maintenance plan that is specifically built to provide you with unsurpassed comfort and peace of mind.


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Our professionals are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to service every component of your system, including controls, mechanical elements, parts, and labor.

LINC Service® is the most comprehensive maintenance plan available, allowing Silverado Mechanical to help protect your investment.

As a LINC Service® provider we guarantee:

  • A fixed price for service – no surprises!
  • Guaranteed Lifetime Protection plan for your entire system
  • Improved system reliability
  • Extended equipment life
  • Comfort and peace of mind
  • The most complete professional maintenance program available
  • Customized agreements that meet your unique requirements
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HVAC Design & Build

No two facilities have the same space conditioning needs. Whether it’s an office space or a process area, each has its own requirements for heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), including filtration, humidification control, indoor air quality and daily operation. Silverado’s licensed HVAC engineers and design experts create solutions that work for you. We’re ready to design, fabricate, install, control and service your HVAC system today.

Energy-Efficient HVAC Designs Incorporate:

  • Reliable, dependable, long lasting equipment (quality of the solutions)
  • Energy efficient equipment and components
  • Energy reduction and recovery strategies
  • Integrated solutions
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Specific HVAC Design Solutions

  • Custom and packaged air handling systems
  • Hot water and steam heating systems
  • Chilled water and direct expansion cooling systems
  • Make-up air and outdoor air delivery systems
  • Energy recovery systems

Unique Capabilities & Expertise

  • Testing and balancing of air flow to optimize system performance
  • Energy reduction assessments, analysis and solutions
  • Air surveys to assess and develop solutions for proper system performance, conditioned space pressure balancing, indoor air quality, and comfort.
  • HVAC Services
  • Silverado’s HVAC services are extensive.  Our HVAC design and maintenance professionals repair and maintain HVAC systems of all sizes and types from individual rooftop units to large chillers to the finely-tuned systems that control the environment for computer rooms and clean rooms.
  • The listing below includes many of the major services we provide that are important to the operation and maintenance of various types of HVAC systems.  However, it would be nearly impossible to create a complete list of our HVAC service capabilities.  If you don’t see what you’re looking for, simply call us with your request for service.

Testing & Balancing

With proper testing and balancing for both indoor air quality and system air balancing, your systems will work better and last longer.

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HVAC Mechanical Systems Analysis

Our mechanical systems analysis provides a comprehensive approach, investigating and evaluating building comfort and potential mechanical system problems.

System & Component Replacement

If your facility’s mechanical system is outdated or just getting by with worn components, it could be costing you money and efficiency. We provide solutions quickly, and they come complete with a full warranty.


  • Designers and engineers who are experts in creating efficient and customized solutions to fit customers unique HVAC requirements 
  • Extensive HVAC service experience of all sizes and types of equipment from rooftop units to large chillers and finely-tuned systems that control critical spaces 
  • Integrated HVAC control systems 
  • Customized preventative maintenance solutions, retrofits and equipment replacements keep customers consistently comfortable and equipment reliable while keeping your unique design and energy efficiency top of mind 
  • Technicians trained specifically to service your top name brand equipment such as Carrier, Trane, Leibert, York, AAON, and McQuay and more 
  • 24 hour emergency response 
  • Energy reduction and recovery strategies including energy efficient equipment and components
Silverado Mechanical Services Supports

Customer Service

Our honest, completely transparent process begins with us truly listening to the client. From there, we partner with them to find their ideal solutions.

As an independent company, we can work with a variety of vendors to ensure we offer our clients the most appropriate, cost-effective fit for their needs. Our capabilities are magnified by our technicians’ wide range of knowledge, which allow us to respond quickly and effectively to critical needs. We also serve as our clients’ connection to the HVAC industry through our relationships with Linc and other industry partners.

Safety Mission Statement

Silverado Mechanical is dedicated to protecting the safety and health of its employees. We have established a safety and health program to prevent injuries and illnesses due to hazards in industrial HVAC service environments. Employee involvement at all levels of the company is critical for us to be successful in this effort and to create an effective safety culture.

Our goal is to promote a pro-active environment that will effectively identify and manage risk through recognition, evaluation, and education. We strive to remain in compliance with federal, state, and local safety and health regulations as well the latest professional practices to ensure every worker goes home safely.

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